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June 30th, 2010

Alternative Vehicles – Evolution or Revolution, part 1

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We seem to be surrounded by people who tell us we are living in the age of a personal transport revolution. Their main reference point for this bold statement is that motorcycles powered by electric propulsion systems have become available. But while the use of batteries as the energy source to drive motorcycles is considered by many to be a revolution, it is in fact part of an evolutionary process.

Vectrix VX1 Electric Maxi Scooter

June 4th, 2010

ROBRADY design heats up CoolTECH with db0 3.0 Folding Electric Bike

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ROBRADY design will be unveiling the db0 3.0 folding electric bicycle at their booth at coolTECH in Tampa, FL on June 4th. The db0 is the first in a series of three bicycles that ROBRADY has designed with Taiwanese manufacturing firm DK City and has just recently added a Silver “International Design Award” to its […]

COOLtech at the MOSI